While some of my mares are Foundation breeding (see www.FoundationMorganHorse.com) and some are not, I have consistently bred to Foundation stallions. Because of my familiarity with the western lines, I have tended to use stallions of those lines. These stallions contribute athletic ability, soundness and mental toughness that are critical in the more demanding disciplines such as dressage, combined driving, reining and cutting.

Sumrsnow Majestic

We thank Tom and Betty Carnahan for allowing "Major" to return to Vintage Morgans. We love the foals we have from Major. He has enhanced the typiness of our mares and has crossed well with both the Dean Mt mares and the foundation-bred mares of western lines. He consistently improves the head and neck shape while contributing bone and substance. He has a sweet disposition and is the most trainable horse I have ever started under saddle.

Available to outside mares via live cover and shipped semen. Fee $500.

Or ask us about a foal from one of the Vintage mares.

Sire: Westridge Ashly Moro
(Stillwater Indigo x Lippitt Sally Brook)
Dam: Crest Cantata
(Aranaway Monkeyshine x Goldfield Delta Dawn)
1998 bay stallion

His sire is a full-Lippitt. His dam is of western lines from the programs of Waer and Shawalla.

Sumrsnow Majestic's Pedigree

Some of Major's Foals:

2006 Bay Gelding out of
Dean Mt Fine Lace


2006 Gelding out of Dean Mt Nikkoletta


2008 Bay Mare out of Vintage Ruby Spar





2008 Mare out of Dean Mt Nikkolatta


Out of A Nostra Principessa







Out of Edgewood Lilykate


January 1983 - November 2007

Sire: Vintage Midnight Son
(Sparfield x Golden Deb)
Dam: Sparfield Trixianne
(Sparfield x Shawalla Jane)
1983 black stallion

Given my admiration of Sparfield, it was incredible good fortune to obtain Sir Danes Sire Storm, a double grandson of Sparfield, for use in our breeding program. When "Stormy" arrived here, he was 18 years old and had no registered foals. True to his breeding, he was a powerful individual with intense athletic ability and tremendous bone and substance. He consistently passed these traits on to his foals. His first registered foals were born in 2003.

We were fortunate to have this amazing stallion share our lives until November 2007. His passing is a loss both to Vintage Morgans and, we believe, to the western working Morgan lines as a whole. We are retaining several of his daughters and plan to perpetuate the Sparfield lines as a source of superior strength and athletic ability.

Sir Danes Sire Storm extended pedigree

2008 homozygous black stallion
Sire: Sir Danes Sire Storm
(Vintage Midnight Son x Sparfield Trixianne)
Dam: Westwind Black Betty
(WAR Justin x Sweet's Dee Dee)

We are delighted to present Westwind Storm owned by Bryan Blatt of Three Forks, Montana.

Westwind Storm is the last foal from Sir Danes Sire Storm and it was most fortunate to have the finale be a wonderful black colt from an outstanding mare to carry on the line.

As you read above, Sir Danes Sire Storm was loved and admired here at Vintage Farm. Westwind Storm's dam is from the proven cross of the Sweet's lines on WAR Justin.

Westwind Storm is an excellent representative of his western working bloodlines, expressing the strength and athletic ability of his ancestors. We bred two mares to him in 2010. The two mares we chose have very different bloodlines. The resulting colts born in 2011 exceeded our expecations. Check out their pictures on the For Sale and Sold pages.


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