Welcome to Vintage Morgans! I’m glad you found this site and hope you will take the tour. The goal of my breeding program is to produce Morgan horses with dispositions suitable for youth and amateur handlers coupled with the athletic ability and soundness of mind to be competitive in sport disciplines such as dressage, carriage driving, eventing, endurance riding, reining, cutting, etc. I also expect them to be excellent partners on the trail and lifetime companions.

The information on this site reflects the priorities of my program.

You will see horses DOING. I judge the quality of a horse by how it feels from the saddle (or the seat of a vehicle). This “feel” is a combination of the way a horse handles its body and the mental soundness that makes a horse easy to train and willing to generously share its strength and speed with the rider. I prefer a responsive, attentive, highly trainable horse with natural athletic ability. And once the horse is trained, I want it to be useful for many years.

You will see much information on pedigrees and the history of the horses in those pedigrees.
A vital part of a successful breeding program is an understanding of the horses behind the individuals used in the program. Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the ancestors helps when selecting mates for the breeding animals. Because of the proven athletic ability and durability of the western working lines, I have chosen to use stallions of those lines. Many of the mares are also of western lineage. If you are interested in pedigree research, please click on the links to see extended pedigrees and pedigree analysis by Laura Algranti.

You will see extensive information on the mares.
While a mare contributes 50% to the genetics of a foal, I believe they contribute even more through their influence on the foal from birth to weaning. I expect my broodmares to be easy to breed and excellent mothers who teach their foals confidence and trust in people.

The mares must also be using horses. It is a priority to have all the mares trained to ride and to start them under saddle myself. Being a somewhat overweight, middle-aged amateur, this represents a significant test of disposition. This process establishes the trainability of the mares and assists me in evaluating their athletic ability. The mares are expected to be reliable trail horses. To the extent possible, the mares will also be tested in competition. Again, I am the rider, driver and groom.

The horses and I love to have visitors. If a personal visit cannot be arranged, contact me for a video tour.

Vintage Morgans is located in
Reardan, WA (West of Spokane).

Phone: (509) 590-5785

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